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Taylor's Dynamic HTML Tutorial

by Taylor

Do you sit at home all alone wondering whether you, too, could become a dynamic HTML dynamo? Wonder no more. Take Taylor's five-day dHTML tutorial and you'll have your Web pages doing all manner of mysterious things before you know it.

But, uh, what is it? Dynamic HTML as a self-contained thing-unto-itself is really just an idea. It is not any one specific technology (such as JavaScript or ActiveX). Nor is it a tag, a plug-in, or a browser. But it uses a host of different technologies - JavaScript, VBScript, the Document Object Model (DOM), layers, cascading stylesheets - to create HTML that can change even after a page has been loaded into a browser. For example, a paragraph could turn blue when the mouse moves over it, or a header could slide across the screen. Anything that can be done in HTML can be redone after the page loads.

The main elements of dynamic HTML (aka dHTML) are client-side scripting, the DOM, and cascading stylesheets. Taylor gives you a primer on all these topics and also talks broadly about the kinds of things dHTML can do.

Finally, he shows you some practical dHTML to spiff up your site, looks at the deeper dHTML issues, and shares his best troubleshooting tips.

Some other tutorials you might want to peruse before you dive in here are Thau's JavaScript Tutorial and Mulder's Stylesheets Tutorial.

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