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Authoring  HTML Basics
Intro to HTML
What's a tag? How do you create an HTML document? All your basic HTML Qs will be answered and explained here. 22 Feb 2005

Teaching Tool
Learn, and then practice, all the standard HTML: how to bold, italicize, indent, link, change font color, and more! 22 Feb 1999

HTML Cheat Sheet
All the basic tags, what they are and what they do, in one easy-to-bookmark place. 22 Feb 1999

Good Forms
Jay demonstrates how to add a form to your site, including how to select the right kind of form for your purposes. 23 Jul 1999

Symbols, Accents, and Funky Characters
How do you get symbols like © to show up in HTML? JoAnne explains ISO-8859-1 entities. 11 Sep 1997

Lean and Mean HTML
Does your HTML code feel sluggish and bloated? Mulder shows you how to trim the fat and increase the speed. 29 October 1998

What can <META> Do for You?
Meta tags are invisible to your viewers, but can include some important information, like keywords for search engines. 18 Dec 1996

A mailto with a Subject
Wendy makes a fancy mailto that pops a topic into the user's subject line. 18 Sep 1997

Client-Side Image Maps
Patrick shows how to map out clickable images. 2 Oct 1996

The Wonderful <div> Tag Makes Markup Easier
The humble div tag can be awful darn useful in laying out your pages. Aaron tells how. 14 May 1997

All about HTML Email
You got your Web page in my email! You got your email in my ... HTML email lets you send mail that gets viewed as a Web page. Carter tells you what it is and how to use it. 26 Feb 1998


What You Should Know about HTML 4.0
The HTML 4.0 specification is out. It looks sane and functional, but won't knock you out of your boots. 11 Aug 2005

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