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JavaScript Tutorial
Learn the basics including variables, if-then statements, link events, and image swaps in what's been called the best JavaScript tutorial on the Web. Updated 13 Jul 2001

Advanced JavaScript Tutorial
Take JavaScript to the next level with if-then-else statements, cookies, string handling, browser detection, preloaded images, debugging techniques, and a lot more. Updated 25 Oct 2001

JavaScript Code Library
Do you need some ready-to-use JavaScript code? Visit our Code Library whenever you need a scripting fix. 24 Apr 1998

How to Steal JavaScript
"Borrowing" JavaScript code is easy. Making it work on your own pages, however, can prove difficult. Nadav reveals what you need to know to make those pirated scripts sail. 20 Jul 1999

JavaScript and the Status Bar
The basic "window.status" mouseover. Useful, yet overused. 3 Oct 1996

Image Swapping Demo
If you're a fan of the JavaScript rollover, have a look at Taylor's demo. 30 Aug 1996

Intro to the Document Object Model
Have it all and do it all with the DOM. 12 Aug 1997


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