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So you want to build a Web site, hm?

Well, first things first: you need the space to build it. These days most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer room for a Web site along with Internet connectivity. But you can also get the Web real estate for free from places like Tripod.

Once you've got the space, you can start filling it with Web pages. Basic Web pages are created with HTML, which is a super-simple coding language. You can use one of the many wysiwyg HTML editors to generate the HTML for you, but they tend to churn out some mighty dirty code. So we reccommend you learn basic HTML - it only takes an hour or two, and once you know it, you'll find it's often easier and faster to generate the code from scratch than it is to clean up after those piggy wysiwyg editors.

Learn HTML

To become HTMLoquent, start by familiarizing yourself with the concept of HTML, then use the Teaching Tool to learn and practice the basic HTML tags.

You should now be able to create a simple, if sprawling and unorganized, Web page. If you want some control over the layout of your pages, table 'em. To learn tables, start with the introduction to tables, then move on to some fancier uses for tables: for layout and color. You can also try organizing your site with frames - they're not for everybody, but they do have their purposes.

Creating Images

Now that you know how to build Web pages, you're ready to spice things up with some images. Photoshop has long been the tool of choice for designers, both off- and on-line. If you can't afford to shovel out the bucks for Photoshop, however, both Imageready or Fireworks offer a more affordable way to get the right image. Whatever software you choose, don't forget that when it comes to images on the Web, smaller is better. And if you want to make different parts of your image link to other pages, use an image map.

Upload Those Files

Once your Web pages are looking good, upload them to the server space you've lined up. An FTP program like CuteFTP for Windows or Fetch for Mac can make uploading files easy. And voila! You now have a Web site for all the world to ogle.

Go One Step Beyond

Building a Web site is like a drug: once you start, you can't stop. It won't be long before you're itching to make that site bigger and better. And there's lots to do - learn JavaScript, get things moving and shaking with animation, redesign the site from the ground up. And more. Much more. Just click around to learn what else there is to learn.

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