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We have included here some tutorials to assist. Some of these were used in the creation of this site, we hope these prove as useful as we found them.

Cascading Style Sheets
Some useful reference material about cascading style sheets. This short tutorial also includes some examples about how and when to use code. 6 Aug 2012

Creating a Chat server
A short but detailed tutorial on how to create your own char server. 12 Mar 2012

Adding Search
A good descriptive tutorial about how to add search functions on your site. 20 Jun 2012

Browser Detections
using browser detection methods to display different versions of your website. 27 May 2012

FTP Tutorials
A breif look into FTP and how this can be used. 6 Aug 2012

Your First HTML 4.0 site
Back to basics with this one. Find out more and how to code. 6 Aug 2012

Image Filtering
This shows how useful it is to filter images. 6 Aug 2012

Image Maps
Show off your skills in creating image maps using this tutorial. 6 Aug 2012

Regular Expressions
This excellent tutorial will help you understand the puzzle of regular expressions. 6 Aug 2012

XSSI - The beginning.
This may help someone somewhere. 6 Aug 2012

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