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The Fundamentals of XSSI
by Nadav Savio 30 Sep 1997

Nadav Savio runs Giant Ant Design, a human-centered interactive design shop. When he's not cursing non-standard browser implementations, you can find him drawing futuristic utopias or updating his interface-design weblog, antenna.

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Let us start with an XSSI riddle:
Q: What's the difference between XSSI and ex-president Ronald Reagan?
A: Reagan was unlimited evil that seemed simple, while XSSI is unlimited good that appears complex.

HAHAHAHAHAHA ... heh. Um, actually that's not quite true: XSSI has fairly significant limitations, and, more important, using it is as easy as falling asleep in a cabinet meeting.

What XSSI is:
XSSI (for eXtended Server-Side Includes) is part of Apache, freely distributed Web-server software that's used by many Web sites, including HotWired, to give browsers the pages they request. The XSSI module (mod_include) defines a set of commands that Apache will parse after a page is requested by a browser, but before the page is sent to the browser.

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