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Using Stylesheets with IE 5
by Steve Mulder 7 Sep 1999

Steve Mulder is manager of information architecture in the user experience group of Terra Lycos, where he wears as many hats as possible. He pretends to know a lot about design strategy, interaction design, usability, writing for the Web, and Web development.

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Cascading stylesheets (CSS) have been touted as the savior of Web design for quite a long time. You'd think that by now they'd be used everywhere to control content formatting and that browser support would be rock-solid, right?

Well, um, no. Things have moved a bit slower than expected. New versions of browsers aren't coming out every three days (which is what it felt like a couple of years ago). In fact, we've been living in the land of the 4.x browsers for two years now.

The good news is that the wave of 5.0 browsers is already upon us, along with new support for the CSS2 specification. The first contender is Internet Explorer 5, currently available only on the PC side. IE 5 doesn't support a lot of CSS2, but it can deal with many cool new things like text rollovers, cursors, embedded fonts, and media types.

There's a lot more to CSS2 than that, and as soon as a major browser supports more of it, we'll be here to give you the full scoop. But for right now, let's appreciate what IE 5 can do.

Note: You need to download and run Internet Explorer 5 (PC only) for all of the following examples towork.

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