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Sharing Your Site with RSS
Jason shares his knowledge about RSS: What it is, how it's used, and why you need it. Just don't ask him what it stands for. 14 May 2003

Getting Your Feet Wet With SOAP
Paul works up a lather over the Simple Object Access Protocol, a fast, easy, XML-based way for Web aps to talk to each other. 25 Feb 2002

SMIL 2.0: Codeless Animation in HTML
Creating animations in HTML used to be a real drag, but now Rodney's here to get us all SMILing. 14 June 2001

XHTML Overview
We all love XML, but the world just isn't ready for it. What we really need is a baby-step between HTML and XML. Sven gives us the run-down on XHTML. 06 Dec 2000

Understanding XSLT
XSL makes it easy to edit, rearrange, and beautify your XML data. 18 Feb 2000

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