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Lesson 1
Tools, symbols, and layers

Lesson 2
Buttons, morphing, and animation

Lesson 3
Sounds and tellTarget

Lesson 4
Navigation, optimizing, and publishing

Becoming a Flash 5 Master

by Michael Kay

Michael Kay is the author of The Web Wizard's Guide to Flash (for both versions 5 and MX). He takes a bite out of the Big Apple on a daily basis.

Creating examples of Web art that shine with unburdened creativity is easy with Flash 5. In fact, you can create more than just simple Web-based animations with Flash — audio, site navigation, and full interactivity are at your disposal as well. So put on those monkey goggles and pull up a chair.

In the latest Flash 5 tutorial, Mike teaches you how to animate in a jiffy by running down what tools you need and then showing you how to use them. He stops along the way to cover file optimization, pulldown menus, importing sounds, and the amazing tellTarget action. If you're a beginner, there's plenty here for you to absorb. If you're a seasoned pro, then let Mike take you back to school you for a few tricks to help make your final Flash projects cleaner and meaner.

Warning! This tutorial is for Flash 5. If you're using Flash 4, then you'll want to cruise on over to the Flash 4 Tutorial.

And for the lowdown on the new features of the latest release, peruse Mike's Flash MX Overview.


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