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Image Filtering with CSS

Page 2 — Alpha Channel

    filter: Alpha(Opacity=starting opacity level, FinishOpacity=finish opacity level, Style=gradient style, StartX=gradient start X position, StartY=gradient starting Y position, FinishX=gradient finishing X position, FinishY=gradient finishing Y position)

Opacity is the only required value. The starting opacity is either the uniform opacity level for the filter (a number, 0 through 100, 100 being opaque). FinishOpacity is used when you want to have a gradient of the other value it fades to. StartX and StartY are the coordinates on the filtered object that the gradient starts at (where it is the opacity value), while FinishX and FinishY are the end points (the FinishOpacity value). Style is the type of gradient to use - it accepts a number between 0 and 3, where 0 represents a uniform gradient, 1 a linear gradient, 2 a radial gradient, and 3 a rectangular gradient. This effect is most noticeable over a nonsolid background.


There is a small bug in PR2, so you must have a width and height on a container if you want to apply a filter to its text.

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