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Authoring   HTML Basics

<a href="?"> creates a link
</a> closes a link

Without links, the World Wide Web would be about as useful as a dime at the bottom of a storm drain. After all, links are what make the Web a web. You can add links (or "hyperlinks," if you want to be formal about it) that connect your page to a ny other accessible site on the Net. Likewise, any other site can link back to you.

When you want to build a link, the first thing you need is the URL of the page you're linking to.

Then decide which word (or words) on your page will act as the link. The link will be the hot spot, where people can click if they want to go somewhere else. Links are generally underlined, and appear on the browser in a different color than the rest o f the text (the default color for links is blue, but this can be altered).

To create a link, you should sandwich your selected words between the "anchor" tags, <a href="?"> and </a>, replacing the ? with the correct URL. The "href" may seem cryptic, but it's just an abbreviation for Hypertext REFerence. Translation: It tells the browser what file it's referencing and where to find it.

The HTML for a gratuitous link would appear like this:

<a href="http://www.drweil.com/">Ask Dr. Weil</a>!

And would appear in a browser like this:

Ask Dr. Weil!

Note that the URL is enclosed in quotations marks, and that there are are no spaces between any of the characters, from href to the closing >. And always remember to close off a link with the </a> tag, or your entire page will become one long messy link. And you know how embarassing that can be.

Got a handle on it? Now try it yourself.

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